Anna Ui Dhalaigh

I studied art and architectural design in London Guildhall University in the nineties after finishing school and always had a keen interest in using pencil and ink as a medium. I have been inspired by various illustrators including Arthur Rackham and Hokusai as I adore the detail and magic of their drawings.

I took a career spin when I went to Nepal in my early twenties and decided I wanted to pursue a career in International Development. After completing a masters in International Development I worked for various NGO’s both in Ireland and overseas and spent nearly 6 years in total in Nepal working mostly on water and sanitation programmes with UNICEF. I am currently completing a masters in Water and Environmental Management. I am passionate about our environment and the very urgent need to reduce waste, over-consumption and polluting of our precious water ways.

I am also passionate about drawing. My drawings are mostly inspired by children’s book themes such as stories from Hans Christian Andersen as well as animals. I also enjoy drawing buildings in abstract and exploring feminist topics and themes. Some of my work reflects an asian style I would have been exposed to while working abroad.

I exhibit some of my original work in the Cruthu studio in Russborough as well as at various exhibitions around the country throughout the year. I have sold my prints through several shops and from craft market stalls at weekends. I am available for commissions.