About Us
Cruthu Art Group was established in 2006 to facilitate individual artists and craft-workers to come together for mutual sharing, support and promotion of their art or craft discipline.  Cruthu translated means to create. 

The core ethos of the Cruthu is to be available to nurture, encourage, respect, advance, support, assist, enable, guide, share, promote and to facilitate.  We are a group dedicated to the act of creation. Cruthu does not make any distinction in the many forms of art. In December 2008, 

Cruthu hosted is flagship Annual exhibition (Artfest) at Russborough House. Since then a strong working relationship had been forged with the Russborough Foundation with the opening of the groups permanent members’ gallery at Russborough in Summer 2010.

Cruthú reopens: Easter Weekend with a shared exhibition of Art and Craft with guests from KARE Adult Services in Kildare and West Wicklow www.kare.ie

Cruthu Opening Hours: 
Saturday 7th April – Monday 9th April 11am – 5.30pm, Thereafter – Sundays in April and Weekends & Bank Holidays May – September.